5 Steps to Choose the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged for a criminal activity, it is going to be a very traumatic and scary experience for you, especially if this is the first time you are experiencing such things. That is the reason why you are strongly recommended to avail the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. In order to ensure that you don’t end up going into jail for months or years, you will need the best attorney to defend your case. Follow these five steps to ensure you get the best legal help.

It Is The Time To Act
The first step is to stop worrying and keep thinking aimlessly about the situation you are caught into. The sooner you start taking actions, the better you will be able to handle your case. The best way is to be proactive. Start gathering information. Short list a few lawyers and schedule consultations with them. It will help you get different perspectives regarding your case.

Interview The Attorney Thoroughly
When you meet a criminal defense lawyer, you must interview him/her thoroughly. The objective is to know about their experiences, their fee, and everything that you may want to know about them pertaining to your case. Make sure that you have left no rock unturned. Don’t hesitate because this is going to decide the fate of your life.

In particular, you should be very careful about their experiences. For example, they must be specifically experienced in handling your kind of cases. In fact, the best criminal defense lawyer for your case is the one who has extensive experience in defending individuals. Try to find an attorney who has been practicing law for a very long time and has already established a good recognition for himself/herself in the legal world. Their relationships with the prosecutors and judges in the court will be a plus point for you.

Go With Your Intuition
If you are having a tough time choosing the best criminal defense lawyer, you are strongly recommended to go with your intuition – this is often the best way to decide what is right for you.

Are They Communicating Well With You?
The way they are communicating with you is the next important point of consideration. Are you communicating with the actual lawyer or case manager? Make sure it is actual criminal defense lawyer. The right legal professional for you is the one who is sincerely taking interest in listening to you and answering your questions. If they are listening to you with a sense of compassion and empathy, they will definitely ask you about your expectations and concerns.

Before you sign up the documents and make the payment, you must also ask what you should realistically expect your case. Pay the fee only if you feel like they are answering honestly. At any point, if you feel like the criminal defense lawyer is trying for hard sell, you should thank them and move on without any further delay.

Finding The Right Criminal Defense Lawyer In Your Area

People seldom hire the services of a criminal defense lawyer. This is only when they get involved in an unexpected incident. This is usually their first time to seek the services of these attorneys. Though they may be new to this, it does not give them an excuse to make the wrong choice. It is also good to mention that, during the hearings, legal defense services play a vital part. If you make the wrong choice of services, this will greatly affect your family and your future. In this respect, it is crucial to choose the appropriate criminal defense lawyer with some particular things in mind. Read on to know the following tips that can allow you to find the appropriate defense attorney.


Before ever hiring an attorney’s legal services, you should take his experience into consideration. As a matter of fact, this feature has been divided into three categories:

As you may have expected, first you have to focus on are the years of experience. Without a doubt, it is easy to see the difference in the representation of a lawyer with only a year of experience, and another lawyer that has decades of experience. A lawyer that has more experience in a particular field knows more about courtroom practices and techniques to let you get faster results than new recruits. It is easier for them to deal with the unexpected events that they face in the courtrooms.

While more experience is always preferred, you should distinguish the experience of lawyers based on the trial’s geographical area. To be more accurate, a lawyer from one state is not quite suited to fulfill the requirements of a client from a different state. In addition to this, there is a difference of laws in the two places. So, you have to make sure to find a lawyer from the trial’s geographical area.

There are a number of practice areas and subjects. You should hire the services of an attorney who has mastered the specific area of specialization that you are interested in. If you are looking for representation in criminal cases, you should not expect to get this done by a lawyer specializing in bankruptcy.


You can make the right choice when you study the details on the principle and representation style of a criminal defense lawyer. However, these are not easy for every client to grasp, but still need to be considered for effective representation. The traits of lawyers that clients should focus on are as follows:

  • Check if they are actively involved in the case. They should always be prepared to work on the provided minor details with full focus and specialization. Just the same, lawyers should value your discussion and theories.
  • You can also see the caliber of a lawyer that is responsive, especially when it comes to preparing strategies. They should show their responsiveness as they make strategies and plans. They should be quick to respond every time you ask them a particular question.

Once you have short-listed a few lawyer names that you find suitable for your needs, the next thing you should do is to compare their track records in the past.

By using the tips listed in this article, you have a better chance of choosing the finest criminal defense lawyer for your case. You should not make this decision too easily, as the outcome of your trial can decide your life in the future.

Selecting Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

When it comes to courtrooms, there is nothing more compelling than the battle of wits between the prosecutor and the criminal defense lawyer. In fact, this duel has become so interesting that plots of books, television shows, and even video games have revolved around these people. Now the characters Atticus Finch (from To Kill a Mocking Bird), Perry Mason (from the novels and TV show by Erle Stanly Gardner) and Phoenix Wright (from the video game) have entered into the people’s consciousness.

Unfortunately, sometimes reality can catch up with people, and the criminal defense lawyers are not just left into the pages of fiction but have to become players in the real world. Once you get accused of a crime, especially one that you truly did not commit, you would want to immediately search for a good defense lawyer who can handle your case. They are the people who would be able to defend you and represent you well in court.

Of course, finding a good criminal defense lawyer is not as easy as it seems on TV, books, or video games. There are many qualifications that you must study in order to find the best lawyer that could fit your needs. Here are some ways for you to be able to select a good lawyer.

The first thing that you should do before selecting a criminal defense lawyer would be to check the background of the attorney. You could look if he really passed the bar for the state where he is practicing his law, the veracity of the achievements that he claims he has attained, his success rate in the cases that he handled, and perhaps even check if he had already handled cases that are highly similar to the one that you are facing now. The best step would be to probably ask questions. You could begin to ask how long he has been practicing law, the cases that he handled, and perhaps even how much he charges for the cases that he takes.

Another thing to look at would be the specialty of the lawyer. Some lawyers are able to specialize in a certain crime or case such as Drunk Driving, petty crimes, or even murder. It would always be a good idea to select a lawyer that is highly successful in the case that you need to be defended in.

An underrated aspect when picking a criminal defense lawyer is to check how comfortable you are with him handling your case. Does the lawyer appear to be someone who is trustworthy and would handle your case well? You could also check if he responds well to your queries, returns your phone calls, and gives you timely updates about your case.

These are just some steps in selecting the best criminal defense attorney for you. Of course, one can only hope that they would be able to live lives that would not have to resort to their services in the future!