Easy Steps to Finding a Criminal Defense Lawyer

A great place to begin searching for a defense lawyer in Georgia is the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (“GACDL”). The GACDL is the third largest criminal defense association in the United States, and is comprised of lawyers, law students, and criminal defense investigators.

According to the GACDL’s website, their main purposes and objectives are:

  • To provide an appropriate state organization representing those lawyers who are actively engaged in the defense of criminal cases;
  • To resist proposed legislation or rules which would curtail such rights and to promote sound alternatives;
  • To promote educational activities to improve the skills and knowledge of lawyers engaged in the litigation of criminal cases;
  • To improve the judicial system and to urge the selection and appointment to the bench of well-qualified and experienced lawyers;
  • To improve the correctional system and to seek more effective rehabilitation opportunities for those convicted of crimes;
  • and To promote constant improvement in the administration of criminal justice. If you are in need of a l defense attorney, please visit the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer’s website http://www.gacdl.org and click on “Find an attorney.”
  • Additionally, the State Bar of Georgia has a consumer pamphlet series featuring “How to Choose a Lawyer.” Consumers should also search the membership directory for information on Public Disciplinary History, Membership Status and Contact Information of an Attorney.

Here are things you should consider when hiring a criminal defense attorney to represent you:

  • Time: How much time will it take for your legal issue to be resolved? Punishment: If convicted, what penalties are you subject to?
  • Outcome: What outcome and results should you expect?
  • Fees and Costs: How much will it cost you? Is there a fee for the initial consultation?
  • Is the fee structure based on a fixed rate, hourly rate, or other fee structure?
  • Expectations: You should also discuss your expectations with the attorney, and any special considerations that the attorney should take into account when representing you.
  • Experience: How long has the lawyer practiced criminal law? How many clients have they represented?